Our Team

Akshata Manjunatha

10th grader @Briar Woods HS

My name is Akshata Manjunatha and I am now a sophomore at Briar Woods High School. I have some experience with programming and JAVA, and I find it very enjoyable. I am interested in biology, including other various sciences, programming, as well as volleyball and art. This is my second year participating on an FTC team and I would like to make the most out of this opportunity and experience.

Greeshma Bhat

9th grader @ Potomac Falls HS

This is my second year of FTC, and before this, I was part of the FLL team, Cascades Thunderbots. I have Java experience through ACSL and Mind frame. Some of my interests are genetic engineering, biology, debate, dance, figure skating, singing, acting, and badminton.

Mithran Mohanraj

11th grader @ John Champe HS and AET

I am 16 years old and a sophomore at John Champe High School. I am studying Entrepreneurship at the Academy of Engineering and Technology. I have experience with Robotics and Engineering in robotics competitions such as VEX robotics. I also have experience in 3D modeling and CADD using computer programs. I plan on using my engineering knowledge in the FTC competition for this year.

Neha Bhat

11th grader @ Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

This is my third year participating in FTC. Before that, I was apart of the Cascades Thunderbots FLL Team for 2 years and am currently mentoring the team. I have always been interested in STEM specifically programming, as well as dance, volleyball, and softball. My goal is to spread STEM awareness and especially to encourage girls to pursue their interests in STEM.

Nikhil Chintalapati

8th grader @Longfellow MS

I have done FLL for the past 3 years and got promoted to FTC this year. FTC is more than Robots. As a member of  FIRST,  I  want to solve the world’s most pressing problems and be a strong citizen.  In the future, I would like to combine robotics and medicine, probably work on a surgical robot to operate in an otherwise inaccessible spot or maybe research on nano-robots, which could potentially deliver chemotherapy to specific cells.

Other interests: Football, skiing, and guitar.

Nithya Chintalapati

10th grader @ Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

I have been a member of FIRST for 6 years now. I love doing FTC because it’s a Global platform for STEM Education. As a Girl in STEM, I would like to tackle Global issues, through my outreach and support FIRST goals. For a career, I would like to integrate technology and neuroscience, to uncover new ways to prevent, and cure brain disorders.

Other Interests: swimming, skiing, violin and co-founder of GIFTS4Society.

Pranav Sukumaran

11th grader @ Potomac Falls HS and AET

I am one of the founding members of Absolute Zero, and I am currently a junior at PFHS and AET. I have been involved in FIRST for four years. I was on the FLL team Cascades Thunderbots for two years and mentored that FLL team last year. My interests are Science and Technology, as well as video games and guitar. I plan to learn a lot more about programming while competing this year in FTC.

Basith Faizal

11th grader @John Champe HS

My name is Basith Faizal, and I am a junior at John Champe High school. I have 4 years experience with FIRST. I did 2 years of FLL with Cascade Thunderbots and mentored the team the past year. My interests include science, soccer, and guitar. This is my 3rd year in FTC, and I hope to get the opportunity to learn and experience new things.

Khushi Chawla
11th grader @ Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Coach Saji


Coach for FTC Team 12096 for 3 years, Coach for FLL team 1540 for 4 years, Likes to work with Kids STEM-related activities Board Member Robotics For Youth Works for Oracle

Coach Dinesh


Coach for FTC Team 12096 for 3 years Coach for FLL team 1540 for 4 years An Avid Learner Passionate about motivating kids to learn Board Member Robotics For Youth Works in Software Development at Hobsons Inc.