2019-20 EVENT BLOG





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Centreville Qualifier 12/15/2019

Absolute Zero was proud to compete at the qualifier held at Centreville High School. We qualified for states by receiving the Inspire Award! Winning all 5 of our qualification matches, we ranked first place and also were in the elimination finals. We were also the second place control and third place design nominees!


Oakton Qualifier 11/24/2019

At this qualifier, the new members on our team experienced their first FTC competition. We won the Motivation Award and placed second for Robot Design. We also were one of the Alliance Finalists!


Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.06.00 PM

Onbot Java Presentation at ECPI University 9/21/2019

Like last year, our team was able to give our Onbot Java Presentation at ECPI University. Helping rookie teams by giving this presentation was our way of giving back to the FTC community that helped us when we first started. The year that passed from our last presentation enabled us to give more useful advice to rookie teams that we picked up over the season.

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