2019-20 EVENT BLOG







Haymaker STEAM Expo 1/25/2020

Absolute Zero volunteered at the Haymaker Expo hosted at Battlefield High School by First Robotics Competition team ILITE. The programs of Robotics for Youth including STEMPowering Girls, RFY Drone Competition, EV3 Hackathon, and World Robotics Olympiad were represented by AZ. Through demos of our drones, secondary robot, raspberry pi arcade, and EV3s, we were able to inspire young minds and increase interest in STEM!


Absolute Zero, Xtreme Voltage, Knightrix, SWAT Team, Roarbotics, and Bruinbots Scrimmage 1/25/2020

Team Xtreme Voltage (#10515) hosted a scrimmage in which 6 teams participated. Absolute Zero’s drive team represented AZ with an amazing robot performance! During this scrimmage we were able to share and collaborate our ideas with other teams to improve as a whole. This was a fun and awesome experience for Absolute Zero!


DC Qualifier (Maryland) 1/19/2020

At the DC Maryland Qualifier, Absolute Zero made it to the finals with Robot Uprising (#14604) and Innovotics (#8702). In match 1 of our finals, our motor burnt out, leaving our robot immobile, but our strong alliance was able to win match 2 and ultimately win the finals. We were able to advance to Maryland states, also receiving the Think award and and being nominated for second place Control and third place Connect awards!

Slice of Pi

Absolute Zero and Slice of Pi Collaboration 1/4/2020

Absolute Zero and Slice of Pi (#13441) are both teams that are part of a nonprofit organization called Robotics for Youth. Slice of Pi is competing for their 3rd year, and to practice before their qualifiers they hosted a collaboration with us on Saturday January 4th to practice and exchange feedback before their first qualifier. Both Absolute Zero and Slice of Pi was able to gain experience based on the feedback they were given. In meetings like these everyone is able to leave with more knowledge than they had before. We hope to have more collaborations in the future to exchange feedback and improve our knowledge in all areas of experience.

image (2)

Centreville Qualifier 12/15/2019

Absolute Zero was proud to compete at the qualifier held at Centreville High School. We qualified for states by receiving the Inspire Award! Winning all 5 of our qualification matches, we ranked first place and also were in the elimination finals. We were also the second place Control and third place Design nominees!


Absolute Zero and SWAT TEAM Scrimmage 12/13/2019

On Friday, December 13, Absolute Zero hosted a scrimmage with SWAT Team (#16502) to give and receive feedback on performance and robot engineering. During this collaboration, we worked on multiple things. We began the scrimmage to acquire a taste of how each of our robots worked together. During each match, scorers on both teams had an opportunity to score runs and confirm scores with each other to increase their experience and correct ourselves for mistakes, increasing the scoring experience for both sides. Between matches, we discussed game strategies to maximize efficiency and points. This was an important practice for the drivers to know how to properly communicate with their alliance partner during matches to increase the score.


Oakton Qualifier 11/24/2019

At this qualifier, the new members on our team experienced their first FTC competition. We won the Motivation Award and placed second for Robot Design. We also were one of the Alliance Finalists!

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 8.06.00 PM

Onbot Java Presentation at ECPI University 9/21/2019

Like last year, our team was able to give our Onbot Java Presentation at ECPI University. Helping rookie teams by giving this presentation was our way of giving back to the FTC community that helped us when we first started. The year that passed from our last presentation enabled us to give more useful advice to rookie teams that we picked up over the season.

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