Encouraging Robotics During Quarantine

During our time maintaining social distancing, Absolute Zero has been encouraging young students in robotics to persist in solving their EV3 challenges. We are conducting an unofficial World Robotics Olympiad competition for 2020 planned for June 7th, 2020 for both the Elementary and Junior WRO categories. The rules that we have put together for the […]

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2019-20 EVENT BLOG

2019-2020 ABSOLUTE ZERO EVENT BLOG   Maryland States 3/1/2020 Absolute Zero went to the state-level competition for the second time this year! They had an amazing time there and were able to wrap up their season with pride. Go Absolute Zero! Showcase at Algonkian Elementary 2/26/2020 Absolute Zero was invited again to Algonkian Elementary school […]

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2018-19 EVENT BLOG

2018-2019 ABSOLUTE ZERO EVENT BLOG   STEM in 30 9/5/2018 STEM in 30 is an online educational program produced by the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. hosted by Marty Kelsey and Beth Wilson. Some of the members in our team were invited to the TV show to talk about FLL. The program […]

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2017-18 EVENT BLOG

Shenandoah Qualifiers We were part of the winning alliance and won the control award at the FTC Shenandoah Qualifiers in Virginia, on December 16th, 2017. Heritage High School Regionals We had an eventful competition at Heritage High School Regionals in Virginia, on February 3, 2018. We won: 4 out of 5 matches in the qualifying […]

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